The most efficient sugar
reduction solution cost-wise

Cost Index to replace 1 kg of sugar (obtaining same sweetness)*



* Valid data for all Food categories except beverages



The Market

Global Sweeteners Market 2018e*

109 mio t, $ 57 bn, CAGR 6% (18-23)*

Global sweeteners in Confectionery Market 2018e*

45 mio t, $ 22 bn, CAGR 6% (18-23)*


the new reference in the industry

* Source: MarketsAndMarkets Global Forecasts to 2023



Table sugar is everywhere. It tastes good. But it also accelerates chronic diseases. 
How would it look like if we reformatted it?

The project SLADCORE™ aims to further develop a new generation of sucrose with 40 percent greater sweetness than table sugar. 
The technology uses a clean modification of sucrose structure. 
SLADCORE™ is both a transformational technology process and the novelty food it produces.

SLADCORE™'s innovative approach is based on the principle that “fixing sugar is better than replacing it«.

Through structural modification of table sugar, the SLADCORE™ team has invented a plug-n-play disruptive technology to improve the expected benefits of sucrose and achieve magnified industrial results.  

The newly improved table sugar is now SLADCORE™, a novelty ingredient project.