• Our clean technological enhancement of sucrose all starts by putting sugar in a liquid form. We can then apply our proprietary technological skills to transform this liquid sugar into Sladcore Liquid.

    The product is already available commercially. As it dissolves perfectly and allows sugar reduction for a similar clean sweet taste it is perfect for all foods with high water activity.

  • On our way to crystal we decided to stop mid-way. Many food applications are in a semi-solid form, which gave us the idea that providing the industry with a paste would allow a perfect blending. This is how Sladcore Paste was born.

    Then we tested it with a chocolate artisan on his ganache and got truly excellent results, so now the product is available for industrial tests and will soon be produced in industrial quantities. It is a revolutionary solution for all semi-solids applications in the food industry. It blends perfectly and delivers superior sugar reduction for the same sweetness.

  • This exciting part is in the course of development. We are nearly there. From paste to solid, and always using only clean transformation. When our first crystals were born in February we were so proud and excited! Now we are scaling up the technology.

    Sladcore Crystal will allow the replacement of sugar with the same functional properties (browning, bulking) for up to 40% calories less coming from soluble carbohydrates. All this, keeping the same sweetness.




Table sugar is everywhere. It tastes good. But it also accelerates chronic diseases. 
How would it look like if we reformatted it?

The project SLADCORE™ aims to further develop a new generation of sucrose with 40 percent greater sweetness than table sugar. 
The technology uses a clean modification of sucrose structure. 
SLADCORE™ is both a transformational technology process and the novelty food it produces.

SLADCORE™'s innovative approach is based on the principle that “fixing sugar is better than replacing it«.

Through structural modification of table sugar, the SLADCORE™ team has invented a plug-n-play disruptive technology to improve the expected benefits of sucrose and achieve magnified industrial results.  

The newly improved table sugar is now SLADCORE™, a novelty ingredient project.